🔖 Plant Tags In This Garden

The following list of states are for the types of foliage, fauna, and fruit in this garden. They reflect the spirit of lifecycle tagging, where the state represents the status of concept maturity and perhaps its epistemic status.

Descriptions only reflect the spirit of this garden. Click here for the official emoji description.

🌱 Sprout

Sprouts are the earliest stages of concept growth. An idea has emerged and only time will tell how it will mature.

Often times this means there is an entry created for a word or concept, but there is likely no body yet.

🌿 Bud

Buds are ideas and concepts that are beginning to take shape.

There are some thoughts added to the entry body and likely have a firm place in the knowledge-base.

🎋 Bamboo

Bamboo represents ideas that are mature, sturdy, and “load-bearing”.

These entries have a solid place in the knowledge-base and it is likely other concepts have grown from these ones.

Similar to Andy Matuschak’s evergreens.

🌸 Bloom

Blooms are beautiful and fleeting. They invite others to sit and savor the time we have.

This content is well on its way to becoming something new, but longs for the cross pollination of feedback and input.

🫐 Berry

Tweet-sized content that has been grown, curated, and produced for others become bite-sized berries.

Like in animal crossing, my native berry is the sweet’n’sour blueberry.

🥭 Fruit

Content that has been grown, curated, and produced for others become fruits.

Like in animal crossing, my native fruit is the sweet’n’tangy mango.

🍈 Melon

Content that has been grown and cultivated for longer periods of time grow into more substantial bodies of work such as a book. Content may reside in the garden itself or elsewhere due to its size.

Like in animal crossing, my native melon is the sweet’n’juicy cantaloupe.

🌰 Seed

Seeds lay around in the world waiting to be consumed and planted. They are sources external to the gardener and include books, essays, videos, or podcasts.

They often exist as empty entries with titles and basic info pointing to the source.

🍵 Tea

Similar to a seed, tea represents some external source. But unlike a seed, the content has been consumed and is being digested or brewed: A book or essay that has been read, a video that has been watched, or a podcast that has been heard.

There is likely not much written there, but if we were to bump into each other on the street we could have a lively discussion about the ideas over tea.

🎍 Pot-Bamboo

Like bamboo, the potted-bamboo is a collection of mature ideas and concepts. But this variety is specifically grown from some external source be it a book, essay, video, or podcast.

These entries often act as a bridge between external sources and the gardener’s internal bamboo.

🪧 🛖