🍈 Last Tended: 2021-08-05

Welcome to Jekyll-Bonsai.

This template is about (re)discovering old-new ways of structuring knowledge and navigating the internet.

It’s about crafting digital tools that are meant to help us, that wait patiently as we do our human thing. It’s about leveraging the things we as people are good at, like visual navigation over walls of menu-text, or speaking in story and metaphor instead of trudging through countless bits of minutae.

It’s a bonsai. It’s a digital garden. The features herein are meant to investigate how we might explore the internet differently: By organizing knowledge efficiently and humanizing digital interactions with other people.

It’s about cleaning up this mess we’ve made and to make something beautiful out of it.


PS Check out the github repo to start sifting through code.

PPS This was my first time learning scss, ruby, jekyll, and d3. Code quality may vary.

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